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Hello! My name is Montana. I am a mother of two, business owner, wife, Virgo, and survivor of panic and anxiety disorder from CPTSD. I am also the creator of the Free Mind Collective. My journey through holistic practice and healing started back in 2018 when I had my first panic attack, and over the next several years I found myself looking for a miracle cure. If you've come to my page looking for a feel-better-quick-cure to your mental health, let me save you some time scrolling my web page, and possibly others. It doesn't exist. Not to say that healing isn't possible, because it is most definitely possibleI am not talking about coping, or managing, or learning to live with symptoms, I'm talking about total transformation recovery. Here on this page I will share my advice, experiences and my favorite recourses, tools and healing modalities. Some of them might be for you, some may not. My advice: take what resonates with you and works, and leave the rest behind. I am a 200 hour RYT mainly focusing on restorative and slow flow yoga to help calm the nervous system, as well as breath work and meditation. 

I hope you enjoy what I share here and possibly stop by one of my yoga classes that you can book here. Minbox is always open. 
Shanti - Montana 

"To Heal Yourself Is To Heal The World"

Yung Pueblo 

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