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Free Mind Yoga is a mindfully curated  Mind, Body, Soul based experience. using the practices of Meditation, Breath work & supported and energy based movement, Our goal is to connect you to your highest self and promote overall wellness. Each experience is intentionally designed to manifest relaxation, connection and awareness. By observing our sensations, thoughts and energy our goal is to find stillness, compassion and acceptance not only in our yoga practices but in our day to day experiences. Giving you the tools to connect with your body, nourish your soul and free your mind. 

we are lucky enough to have home base in a unique, private and verdant location. our classes are limited in size because we like to offer personal and intentionally curated experiences to our students. We like to use our nature based location to create a grounded and connected atmosphere to support your practice and cultivate internal exploration. We hope to have you out at a class soon! 

"To Heal Yourself Is To Heal The World"

-Yung Pueblo 

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My public journal; ultimately what has been my biggest teaching in my healing journey are my own experiences, including everything from the mentors I have followed, books I have read,  techniques I have tried, and products and services I have used in the process. Here I share it and break it all down

I'm so excited to announce the Free Mind Collective Yoga Studio. Currently a completely outdoor experience in a very unique and scenic setting, Free Mind Yoga is all about connecting the mind to the body and the breath. We offer  both group and private lessons. We offer both vinyasa beginner and level 1 classes, as well as restorative, meditation and breath work classes 



17423 E Trimmer Springs RD Sanger CA 93657

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