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Anxiety Coaching One on One

I'd like to think that my journey with anxiety started in 2019, but when I look back it started much earlier than that. I had been living a life that was conducive to anxiety. It was traumatic, overwhelming and drama-filled, My fight-or-flight response served me well for many years. It wasn't until 2019 when life slowed down, my relationship started doing well, and honestly for the first time ever it was smooth sailing. I still remember the day it happened; what I was thinking about and where I was when my first panic attack hit. Shattering the illusion that I was "okay", I would spend the next year just trying to get back to normal, spending thousands of dollars looking for the miracle cure to anxiety. If that's what you are here seeking I'm sorry to tell you there isn't an overnight fix to the discomfort and overwhelm that you are experiencing. The good news is, this hole that you've found yourself in... I've been there too and even better, I KNOW THE WAY OUT. I promised myself that as soon as I rid myself of the awful anxiety disorder that I would help others as well. Now 3 years from that scary day, I am finally here. It's been a really long road with lots of shadow work, programs, self-help books and workshops as well as super intensive therapy. Although I did all of these things, at the end of the day it was one major realization and epiphany that I came to that changed my healing journey and catapulted me to where I am now. MINDSET. Now, having the right mindset is so much easier said than done. You still have to do the work, and even if you are doing the work currently, none of it will matter if you are not shifting the way you are thinking of and dealing with your anxiety. When I first discovered this I thought there was no way...then one day while looking back over journal entries from 2019 I saw it. The scared, overwhelmed and lost girl I was in those pages slowly over time became a warrior. Mindfulness made sense, eating better didn't feel like a chore, and experiencing discomfort stopped being something to avoid, but to face head-on. I found myself looking fear in the eye and realizing that I was stronger. 

That led me to want to do one-on-one coaching. Programs and self-help books are great, don't get me wrong. I do not doubt that one day I will release both, but honestly without the right mindset none of that will stick or permeate your mind in a way that truly matters. I know, sounds harsh right? But its the truth. One of my anxiety mentors once told me that healing from anxiety is a total transformation. I didn't understand it then, but now I do. Total transformation requires a shift in your mindset so that we can put you on the right track to becoming the person you want to be and doing the things you love. In our time together we will figure out where your anxiety started, why it's affecting you the way, it is pinpointing issues in the body and mind that have perpetuated it for so long, and from there putting together a plan. Some people genuinely need therapy, especially if you have trauma. That can be intimidating, but I can help you find a therapist online or in your area that fits your budget/insurance, as well as your needs. Some people need to even out their hormones; there are a few really great ways to do this, including herbs, supplements and other more westernized approaches. We will also find you the best self-help books and programs possible to deal with your issues in particular. Every program and tool is different. Finding the one that works best for you can be a struggle, but the good news is, I spent years buying every program and book that popped up in my recommendations/for-you page, and have been loaning them out and suggesting them to others for years. 

On this journey our 3 big goals are these: 

- Change your mindset 

- Create a Plan 

- Find your tool/healing modalities 

The best part about the way I work is that you don't have to talk to me every day. I am here for you as needed. We start with a multi-day consultation, learning all about your journey and creating your plans for transformation. Then, I make some basic suggestions on what we should work on first. For the first two months we talk once a week figuring out what you like and what you don't. After that, we talk once a month. The most important part of this process is your commitment. I cannot do this work for you. It is your job to do it yourself, and to stay committed to your healing. A good friend once looked at me and said "I don't think you're uncomfortable enough to do what you need to do." She was right. I had to be so uncomfortable in my anxiety that I did the things that seemed hard and scary, and on days where I didn't want to do anything at all to completely overcome my anxiety. The only way out is through.